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Combating climate change: the Bishop's Challenge

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The Bishop of St Davids, Joanna Penberthy, has issued a challenge to everyone ahead of a landmark climate-change conference being held in November.The COP26 conference will be held in Glasgow, hosted by the UK Government. And, starting on St David’s Day, she is inviting anyone and everyone to join her in a virtual pilgrimage, walking the 408 miles from St Davids to Glasgow during the next nine months.“This conference is held every two years,” the Bishop said. “But this year’s is more important than ever because we’re running out of time to curb global temperatures.“So I’m setting everyone this challenge. If we all walk two miles a day between St David’s Day (March 1st) and November 1st., we will each cover the 408 miles it would take us to walk from St Davids to Glasgow.“Obviously, we cannot actually walk to Glasgow during lockdown, but we can use our exercise periods to walk around our neighbourhoods or even in our gardens or our homes.“We want to raise awareness of the dangers facing the planet that God entrusted to us; we need to work – and walk – together to keep this planet safe for all God’s creatures – including ourselves and future generations.”Join the Virtual Pilgrimage Facebook Group

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