diocese-map-st-davidsWelcome to the Diocese of St Davids, named after Wales’ patron saint whose cathedral in Pembrokeshire is one of the jewels of the nation. The diocese also covers the counties of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire including the western industrial valleys and the town of Llanelli.

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Plant Dewi Lent Appeal

Give up something for Lent and donate the money you save

* Plant Dewi’s projects are a life line to many families and their sustainability is paramount. Help us keep going and not let our families down.

* Plant Dewi’s Christian values provide the means of supporting some of the most vulnerable families at their point of need whilst maintaining their dignity and control in the matter.

* The projects are safe places to be providing a space to pause in a busy world and reflect on the journey.

* They are places where parents can gain their bearings, make friends, chat together about issues that matter to them, give and receive support, and give encouragement to one another.

* Together parents can find the strength to navigate a way forward in an environment based on mutual trust and acceptance, an environment that allows for mistakes, makes room for forgiveness and shows grace so that families move forward confidently with new knowledge, skills and motivation.

* Over 5000 individuals gained support, practical help, reassurance, encouragement and hope last year.

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The St Davids website is being updated all the time. But you might not spot some of the changes at first glance. So here are some of the recent additions:                                                           

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