diocese-map-st-davidsWelcome to the Diocese of St Davids, named after Wales’ patron saint whose cathedral in Pembrokeshire is one of the jewels of the nation. The diocese also covers the counties of Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire including the western industrial valleys and the town of Llanelli.

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From Easter to Pentecost

Creation and Recreation is an exhibition by Revd Diana Hoare on display in St Davids Cathedral until the end of June. Seven panels explore and celebrate the various aspects of the creation of complex life which exists all around us and provides us with our life support systems.

They explore landscapes, plant life and animal life. They depict the transformation from the darkness of the absence of God, through the choice of standing turned away from the glory, to the dance of the mystical union of matter and spirit in the Oneness of all being.

They offer a vision which encourages us to see the Creation of our environment as the miraculous sacred thing that it is.This journey of spiritual exploration can inspire in us the spiritual fruits which we need to have the wisdom and courage to take decisions to preserve the future of the environment of our planet for generations to come.

For the next seven weeks, we will be focusing on each panel in turn with detailed interpretations supplied by the artist herself.

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The story so far

VE DAY 75 – one year away but the planning starts now

The 8th May 1945 was the day peace emerged after nearly six years of war, so the 75th anniversary on 8th May 2020 is an important milestone in our history.

Anniversary celebrations, VE Day 75, will cover the weekend of 8th – 10th May 2020, and will be an international celebration of peace – a time to remember, reflect and pay tribute to the millions who played such a vital part in achieving it.

A wide-ranging series of national events is planned for the anniversary weekend. But local churches and other organisations are encouraged to get involved in their communities.

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