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St Davids Diocesan Education Authority (The Education Directorate)The Diocesan Education Team seeks to represent and promote the interests of the Church in Wales in the area of education in the Diocese of St. Davids.Diocesan Education Authority ResponsibilityThe Diocesan Education Authority seeks to fulfill its mission with particular reference to the Diocesan Voluntary Aided and Voluntary Controlled Schools, but also seeks to establish links and further co-operation with Community Schools and Colleges of Higher and Further Education within the Diocese of St. DavidsIt carries out this work in partnership with the Welsh Assembly Government, the County Authorities of Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, the National Society and all other voluntary agencies.In particular, it offers advice and guidance to Governors of Church Schools in the teaching and resourcing of Religious Education and Collective Worship and school governance, and oversees the Section 50 inspection in voluntary schools.In the matter of statutory education, it is also the properly and legally designated Education Authority for the Diocese of St. Davids. In practice, the Diocesan Director of Education, with the assistance of the other Education Officers of the Diocese, administers its legal functions on behalf of the Bishop. Through the work of the Diocesan Director of Education and his assistants, the Diocesan Education Authority is concerned with;the appointment of governors to voluntary school governing bodies;the establishment of new schools;the staffing of Church schools;offering advice to the Bishop in matters of statutory education.It also works closely with other Diocesan Teams concerned with education in the Diocese.Useful documentsGuide for Foundation Governors (PDF)Section 50 Inspections: a handbook for schools (PDF)

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