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Ty'r Pererin

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Welcoming visitors as pilgrimsTŷ’r Pererin is the cathedral’s Education & Pilgrimage Centre. Opened in March 2013 in the former Quickwell School building, it offers extended hospitality to cathedral visitors with particular emphasis on educational and spiritual activities around the shrine to St David, pilgrimage and the life of St David himself.The Schools ProgrammeA range of modules is available, supporting many areas of the National Curriculum in Wales and England for both primary and secondary schools, with RE a particular focus.Pupils have the opportunity to gain an insight into the life, key beliefs and experiences of Christian people in worship, ministry and community; they can speak with people of faith in a meaningful and structured way, regardless of their own ethnic or religious background.Events and activities include guided tours and pilgrimages, themed and seasonal events harnessing the talents of inspirational artists, educational practitioners and local people helping visitors to engage with Christian, historical and Welsh culture and heritage.See what’s on offer:Hospitality @ Tŷ’r Pererin (PDF)Retreats (PDF)Primary School visits (PDF)Secondary School visits (PDF)LMA Vision Days (PDF)

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