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Maundy Money - it's in the post!

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Two long-serving members of the Church in St Davids Diocese are among nearly 200 people who today receive the annual Maundy Money from Her Majesty the Queen.Every year, on Maundy Thursday (the Thursday before Easter Day), The Queen distributes special Maundy Money to pensioners in a service which commemorates Jesus washing the feet of the Apostles at the Last Supper. The service dates back to 600ADRecipients of Maundy money are nominated by their local dioceses for contributions to their local church and community.But because of the pandemic, for the second year running, this year’s gifts have had to be sent to individuals through the post because it has not been possible for the Queen to distribute them in person.The gifts correspond to the Queen’s age. So this year, 94 men and 94 women will receive 94 pence.The two nominees from St Davids Diocese are:Mr Roy FollandRoy is a faithful member of St Mary the Virgin Church, Haverfordwest, he is a stalwart of the church and chair of the Friends of St Mary’s. He owns and runs a Funeral Directors with his son, is a former County Councillor and respected member of the community. He is also the former Guildmaster of the Freemen of England and Wales and Master of the Gild of Freemen of Pembroke.Mrs Janet HowellsJanet has been a faithful member of St Luke’s Church, Llanllwni, all her life and worked quietly behind the scenes as well as holding offices within the Church. Over the 70 years of her association with the church, she has held the office of People’s Warden and Vicar’s Warden, on more than one occasion spanning over 20 years’ service and taught at Sunday School for 40 years, even teaching two generations of young people from the same family. She has also been President of the local Mothers’ Union.Throughout 50 years and more, Janet has played the organ at Llanllwni Church and encouraged others to play also. Janet’s commitment to all aspects of Church work, from cleaning the Church and Church Hall, shows an exemplary person dedicated to serving Christ and her local community.

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