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ECO-LENT 2020: Living Simply for Creation

Our Creation Care and SustainabiityOfficer, Revd Marcus Zipperlen, has compiled a series of resources for Lent which focus on the way we live in an age of climate change.

There are four sections, each dealing with a different aspect of creation care and how we can incorporate sustainability into our Lenten observations (and beyond):



  1. Introduction: Living Simply for Creation
  2. Fasting
  3. Church Actions (updated)
  4. Bible Study

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Contents Index:

all the important(but slightly boring) stuff

  • Policies includes policy documents released by the diocese, along with links to provincial policy documents.
  • Ministry Share includes details and information on the way that the Ministry Share – the money that parishes give to the diocese in order to maintain the Church’s Ministry – is calculated.
  • Forms includes several frequently used forms for you to download and fill out, along with links to other forms on the provincial site; also other useful information such as a table of Marriage Fees and Confirmation Instructions.
  • Children & Youth – materials and links to help with ministry to children and young people
  • Intercessions allows you to download the Diocesan Calendar of Intercessions for the current and future months.
  • Data Protection (GDPR) What every parish needs to do
  • CMD – materials used in past sessions to view or download
  • Worship provides links to current liturgies and other resources for use in a variety of contexts
  • DAC gives access to the resources of the Diocesan Advisory Committee, which provides advice on matters relating to church buildings, churchyards, organs, faculties and the like.
  • Grants reveals possible sources of advice and financial assistance for a wide variety of projects.
  • Financial Stewardship – tips, tools and materials for building a giving church
  • Interfaith – information about the diocesan interfaith team and links to related organisations
  • Picture Galleries – downloadable images from the Uffizzi Gallery, Florence