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Christmas is coming…

…and, for the first time, the Library at St Davids Cathedral have produced a set of Christmas cards that are available for sale.

The images are taken from some of the library’s extensive collection of ancient books

You can obtain them from the Cathedral shop or order them by Email

Find out more about the Cathedral library

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all the important(but slightly boring) stuff

  • Policies includes policy documents released by the diocese, along with links to provincial policy documents.
  • Ministry Share includes details and information on the way that the Ministry Share – the money that parishes give to the diocese in order to maintain the Church’s Ministry – is calculated.
  • Forms includes several frequently used forms for you to download and fill out, along with links to other forms on the provincial site; also other useful information such as a table of Marriage Fees and Confirmation Instructions.
  • Children & Youth – materials and links to help with ministry to children and young people
  • Intercessions allows you to download the Diocesan Calendar of Intercessions for the current and future months.
  • CMD – materials used in past sessions to view or download
  • Liturgy provides links to current liturgies for use in baptism and confirmation, marriage, funerals and daily prayer
  • DAC gives access to the resources of the Diocesan Advisory Committee, which provides advice on matters relating to church buildings, churchyards, organs, faculties and the like.
  • Grants reveals possible sources of advice and financial assistance for a wide variety of projects.
  • Financial Stewardship – tips, tools and materials for building a giving church
  • Interfaith – information about the diocesan interfaith team and links to related organisations