St Davids Cathedral

St David’s Cathedral is the mother church of the diocese of St Davids and an iconic reminder of the Christian heritage of the whole nation of Wales. The cathedral is home to a living community of faith that maintains daily worship, welcomes visitors and pilgrims and offers a pastoral ministry of care, healing and re-creation.

The building, ancient in foundation but revised on many occasions through 1500 years, bears witness to the presence of God in a changing world and to the attempts of Christians in this place, throughout history, to find ways of symbolising their experience of God in their own times.

It is the evangelistic aspiration of the cathedral to bear witness to the Gospel in our contemporary setting, and to this end it seeks to be a place of excellence, innovation and challenge in the areas of spiritual growth, evangelistic outreach and liturgical expression.

It is a place that celebrates human creativity, especially through the visual arts and music, and works towards human flourishing by encouraging a sense of vocation in all.

From early times the cathedral has been a focus for pilgrims – a link that has now been re-affirmed in the restoration of the shrine to St David himself.

Today, as always, the cathedral is first and foremost a house of prayer, a sacred space, and a place that encourages personal honesty and growth in a context where the presence of God has been experienced through centuries.

It is also a place of learning and teaching, both about the heritage of Christianity and its vital importance in today’s society. It offers space and tranquillity in which those whose discipleship is lived out in places of pressure, busy-ness and stress, can find a new perspective and commentary on their lives


Tableaux of saints commemorated by the St Davids Cathedral Shrine




The Tŷ’r Pererin Education & Pilgrimage Centre is open to welcome visitors and pilgrims, offering a wide range of activities, including curriculum-based courses for schools.