World Mission

The World Mission Team seeks to help parishes to engage with other churches worldwide as we play our part in God’s mission today.

worldmission2.jpgWhy raise the profile of World Mission?

Members of the Team are passionate about their involvement with mission worldwide, which has enriched their lives and the lives of their churches. The Team seeks to encourage others to look beyond their parish boundaries and discover what God is doing today through his people in other parts of the world.

We have so much to learn from our Christian brothers and sisters abroad, as they respond to the challenges of spreading the good news of God’s love in word and deed in their particular context. As we seek to respond to God’s calling in our own localities we can be encouraged and challenged as we hear about what is happening elsewhere.

We have given presentations on World Mission in various deaneries of the diocese, providing the opportunity for participants to hear about a particular aspect of mission or a particular area of the world. We encourage people to think about how they and their churches can get involved in World Mission, and offer resources from various mission agencies to help them in this. The evening ends with prayer using a large world map laid out of the floor, enabling people to pray for people and places which are on their hearts.

If you would like to invite the Team to hold such an evening in your area, please contact Canon Dewi Roberts via the link top left.

Diocesan companion link: Bukavu, DRC

“We belong to one another; we need each other; we are the body of Christ.” – St Davids/Bukavu link agreement

St Davids Diocese has forged a link with Bukavu Diocese in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has grown out of a personal connection formed by Revd Dr Jennie Annis and her husband David who regularly visit Bukavu and work with the church there.

The Diocese is led by Bishop Bahati Bali-Bulsane Sylvestre who visited St Davids in 2014 to sign the link agreement

Interview with Bishop Bahati

The Bukavu–St Davids Link committee encourages the sharing of human, material and ministerial resources between the dioceses and the forming of links between deaneries, parishes and schools.

If you would like to be involved in the link, have any suggestions or require any further information please contact Jennie Annis via the link top left.