Transition Ministry: Ministry Area Development

The Diocese is moving towards replacing traditional parishes with new Local Ministry Areas (LMAs) by January 1st 2020

The Bishop has appointed a Ministry Area Development Officer/Transition Missioner, Revd Marianne Osborne, to help churches along the road to the future.

She heads up a mission team equipped to help local church communities with the transition. “Change isn’t coming,” she says, “it’s here but we can embrace it if we work together.”

A series of Archidiaconal Synods took place in July 2018 at which LMA team clergy outlined the progress made towards creating and developing their new partnerships.

A presentation by Lindy Wainwright also provided feedback from the SWOT analyses undertaken at the CMD day on LMAs held in February as well as the findings of recent research by the Church of England on team building.

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The Process

As people are starting to get to grips with the concept of an LMA I’ve had a number of requests asking for information on the actual process of how this will all happen, so this news letter focuses on the process we have adopted as transition team.

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