So what makes a good Transition Companion?

And what will they be doing?

The Transition Companions will play a key role in delivering the development of Mission Areas as part of the Growing Hope strategy in the Diocese of St Davids.

The role will focus on supporting and managing positive change at parish level. In the initial stages, the role will require intensive ‘active listening’ in order to understand people’s hopes, concerns and fears.

Once this stage is complete, the Transition Companions will synthesise and analyse the feedback received before producing recommendations for the future development of the Local Ministry Area.

They will…

1. Coordinate meetings and encourage conversations with key stakeholders and groups within the LMA

2. Prepare and provide appropriate stimulus materials for these meetings so that the outcomes are achieved

3. Facilitate these meetings in a way that allows people to articulate their hopes, concerns and fears with regard to 2020 Vision

4. Define and agree measurable outcomes for these meetings with local Church in Wales leadership.

5. Produce a written report that summarises the content and spirit of these meetings and provides coherent recommendations for future development of the LMA.

Key Working Relationships

  • The Transition Missioner
  • The Archdeacons
  • Area Deans
  • Clergy of the Deanery
  • Congregations of the Deanery
  • Local community organisations and representatives

Key Criteria Essential Desirable Qualifications and Experience

  • Understanding the structure and culture of the Church in Wales and the challenges of 2020 Vision Experience of working with projects and people in the public and not for profit sector
  • A clear and demonstrable Christian faith
  • Commitment to the wider mission of the Church
  • Experience in a job or voluntary role that has involved training and motivating adults
  • Experience in team working and collaborative leadership
  • Experience of working with volunteers

Skills and Abilities

  • An understanding of how people go through change and the change process
  • Experience and knowledge of change management principles, methodologies and tools
  • The ability to plan and prioritise work
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Excellent active listening skills
  • Ability to engage with and inspire a range of audiences
  • Sympathy with the Welsh language and culture
  • The ability to relate to people through the medium of Welsh

Work-related Personal Qualities

  • Flexible and adaptable; able to work in ambiguous and sensitive situations
  • Resilient and tenacious with a propensity to persevere
  • Willingness to work flexibly and outside of normal working hours as required
  • Ability to drive and have the use of a car