Community: Encouraging school and group visits

TY’R PERERIN is the diocese’s Education & Pilgrimage Centre, based at St Davids Cathedral. It offers a wide range of courses, programmes and events linked to the national curriculum for both primary and secondary schools and also offers faciulities for diocesan meetings and activities.

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Ways to encourage
school and group visits to your Church:

  • Your local authority’s education department will distribute a weekly ‘post bag’ to all schools in your area – ask them if you can send information to schools this way.
  • Your local library will have a directory of all local groups and societies – including scouts/guides etc.
  • Produce a poster and an information sheet about tours for children, and distribute them as widely as possible – use them as flyers to send to schools/groups and display them in local post offices, tourist information centres, libraries, churches etc.
  • Invite your local Mayor & other well known people to take part in a charitable event. Invite the press and tell them that other group tours are available (try this publicity stunt with each successive Mayor as the summer season starts).
  • Involve visitors in your advertising – give groups copies of posters for display on their premises/where they meet.
  • Make sure you contact all groups at least once a year to remind them of your services – mailings often get misplaced or lost through the year.