Tourism – resources for churches

Thousands of people visit the churches in the Diocese of St Davids each year. Our task is to ensure they have an enriching and enjoyable experience wherever they go and whatever the reasons for their visit.

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Download You are welcome, the Visitor Toolkit – a practical, step-by-step guide to making your church a welcoming place for visitors.

Or you can enquire about ordering a hard copy here.

WHO ARE THEY? – Why you need a Visitors’ Book

Often a church has a book for visitors to sign, but it would be helpful if we knew a little bit more about those who come into our churches during the course of each week.

The Diocesan Tourism Group has designed a visitors book which, through the column headings on each page, will give a valuable insight into those who are often our unseen guests.

It is hoped that this will not only give a parish help in catering for the needs and expectations of those it welcomes, but will enable the Diocese to find out more about those who visit its churches.

The Visitors Book is spiral bound and has space for 250 visitor entries. For more information or to receive a hard copy please contact our Faith Tourism Officer, Caroline Evans

Singing Your Praises – Design your own Leaflet

It’s the first thing people look for when they visit your church. And a well-prepared, attractive-looking leaflet can be a valuable source of information and a welcome souvenir.

Use our step-by-step guide

. Our desire is for:

  • Our church buildings above all to be places of worship and welcome where God is known

  • Tourists to become pilgrims

  • All of us to experience more of God’s welcome

  • Us to be moved on in our spiritual journeys