Standing Committee

Chaired by the Bishop, the Standing Committee is the executive arm of the Diocesan Conference and consists of elected lay and clerical members from each deanery, together with ex-officio and nominated members.

Within the powers delegated to it, it acts on behalf of Conference and cooperates with the Bishop to bring about pastoral reorganisation such as the grouping of parishes, the redrawing of parish boundaries etc.

The Committee is also responsible for contributing to the development of mission and ministry within the diocese and, when required, considers matters referred to it from Conference, the Governing Body and the Representative Body.

The Committee works through a number of sub-committees: Business, Appointments and Nominations (not to be confused with the Diocesan Nomination Board), Constitution & Structures and Conference Worship.

Finally, the Standing Committee, via its joint Lay and Clerical Secretaries, is responsible for the planning and organisation of the conference, held annually on the first Saturday of October.

Membership of Standing Committee


The Bishop (Chair), the Dean, Archdeacons (4), Diocesan Registrar, Chair and Vice-chair of the Diocesan Board of Finance, Chair of the Parsonage Board, the Clerical Secretary, the Lay Secretary (non-voting)

Elected: 1 cleric + 3 lay members of diocesan conference from each archdeaconry

Co-opted: Standing Committee may co-opt up to two members, one cleric + one lay person