Self-Isolation: How are we coping?

It seems every cloud – even this one – has a silver lining or two:

Our Director of Ministry, Rhiannon Johnson, has set up a Facebook page, Serenity Parish. She says: “I am trying to find new ways to share the faith, hope and love that have been given to me. As long as the churches stay shut I will post things here that I think will help. Please feel free to share prayer requests.”  Join the group


  • Meanwhile, in Bro Caerfyrrdin LMA, Revd Gaynor Jones-Higgs’ Skype services are attracting new (virtual) faces:”We had someone “in church” on Sunday who has not attended for over 2 years.”Also had this comment via Facebook. “What made me smile yesterday?
    Going to Church (virtual) and having a service with members from other churches, something I normally avoid due to my extreme reactions to scents. I felt as if I was as normal as everyone else. Not felt like that in years. That made me smile 🙂🙂” We’ve managed to keep our Lent Bible study (all age) – Ruth Valerio Saying Yes to Life – going by WhatsApp. An interesting experiment but quite fun. One of the good things, is it leaves a record of what was discussed so people can go back to reflect on it later . If you want to give me your mobile numbers and you are on Whats app I can add you in so you can see what we’ve been up to . Email Gaynor
  • And in the Bro Aeron Mydr LMA:

Last weekend we put a request on Facebook for volunteers who were willing to be part of a group / network to support people living in the Aeron Valley by doing the shopping, collecting prescriptions or even a friendly telephone call.

We now have 50 volunteers spread across our communities which is a fantastic response. People are delivering posters and cards ‘I am here to help’  and responding to requests for support.

Local students home from university have become involved in the project. The local grocery shop is offering a free delivery service to people who live within a 5 mile radius.

We’ve connected with so many new people via telephone and facebook.  Whilst our Churches are open for prayer, there are opportunities for us to think about new ways of being church in the event of a crisis.

For anyone who loves welsh music, join Cor-ona Facebook page. People are uploading live videos of their own musical performances – it’s fantastic. It keeps you entertained!

  • And still on the plus side, one curate writes:

My reading and prayer life has never been so good and I have found myself very productive. I look on it as working from home.

This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time in prayer for the world and the community at large, I have ‘outed’ myself as a priest on the FaceBook page for the estate we live on and requests for prayer and spiritual support are coming in by message and ‘phone.

Perhaps this is a God given opportunity to rethink ‘church’.


Canon Suzy Bale has suggested a couple of alternatives to Happy Birthday while handwashing:

One more step along the world I go (one verse and chorus)

And when we reach Easter- Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah!



Please let us know how you are coping. It might be helpful to others

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