Ministry Share

What is the purpose of Ministry Share and why pay it ?

Ministry Share is how parishes share the financial cost of spreading the Gospel and maintaining ministry across our diocese.  It is a commitment of faith, not a tax or imposition, which was founded in the earliest days of the church and is described in the Book of Acts.

How is pool of funds calculated?

The money needed is calculated annually in the diocesan budget.  The Bishop and senior staff calculate how many clergy are required. This is the biggest item in the budget (84.4%=£4,288,114) and includes stipends, pensions, housing, expenses and training. Overall it costs £49,520pa for each full-time paid cleric.

Other expenses include quinquennial inspections, grants, youth teams, property costs, safeguarding and administration.

This brings the total required in 2019 to £5,071,447.

Some of the costs are offset by income and in 2019 the Church in Wales will give us a grant of £1,159,230. Income also derives from investments, charitable activities and donations.  The total estimated income is circa £1,504,515. Therefore, the difference, i.e. £3,566,932, is the sum to be funded by Ministry Share.

How is the cost shared?

How the share is determined is based on the previous year’s average Sunday church attendance.  These figures are supplied by parish wardens and incumbents. It is essential that they are correct.

The Calculation:  The total average Sunday attendance for 2017 was 4,482.  If a parish had an average Sunday attendance of 20 that parish’s share would be 3,566,932/4,482×20 = £15,916.70.  (=£795.83 per capita)

(Any set of statistics should only be used for the purpose for which they were collected.  Average Sunday attendance figures are used to calculate the Ministry Share that the parish pays from its total income, which includes fund raising events and so on, as well as individual contributions from parishioners.  It follows that the statistics are not an indication of what an individual should pay and should not be regarded in that way.)

Last year the process was smoothed to try to achieve some parity between parishes. The smoothing applied was +/-15%.  In 2019 it will be +/-20% with ongoing increments of 5% until parity is achieved.  N.B.  Smoothing will impact on the base figure of £795.83 until parity is achieved.

Further information can be obtained from the Finance Department:  01267 236145

Every penny raised through Ministry Share comes from you. So thank you!


So what can the Diocesan Office do for you?

We live in a complex world and staff at the Diocesan Office are there to support all of our parishes.  Among other things they offer support and guidance on ministry and mission; church buildings; finance and financial management; safeguarding; communication; general data protection regulations; education; funding youth workers; social responsibility; centre for mission and legal advice.

So, thank you. Your contributions keep our churches open and our clergy supported.  You allow us to be bold in our ambitions to grow the church and realise our strategy for growth.

Allocation of Ministry Share

Ministry Share is allocated at Parish, United Parish or Rectorial Benefice (Parish/Benefice’) level using prior year average Sunday Attendance.

Any increase or decrease in Ministry Share is capped at 20%.

Definition of Sunday Attendance

The total of all attenders in the Parish or Benefice at all normal pattern Sunday services for worship (including non-communicants) is required.

The above total should reflect the following:

  • Attenders at Easter and Christmas (if it falls on a Sunday) should be excluded
  • Attenders who are under 18 should be excluded
  • Members of the congregation who attend more than one service on a Sunday should only be counted once
  • Where a church has closed, the attendance figures for that church should be excluded from the total for each of the three years figures requested
  • Attenders statistics are amended to reflect re-groupings that have occurred during the three-year period