Ministry Share

What is the purpose of Ministry Share and why pay it ?

Our Diocese of St Davids, led by the Bishop, comprises three Archdeaconries each led by an Archdeacon. The Ministry and Mission of the Diocese is undertaken by these and other clergy, Diocesan support staff and hundreds of people like you, who give their time and talents caring for and serving the Church.

Delivering ministry and mission across such a large and diverse Diocese requires significant resources, so how is this paid for?

All of the money raised through Ministry Share is used to pay and house the clergy and pay their pension and National Insurance contributions.

Every penny raised through Ministry Share comes from you. So thank you!

However, Ministry Share does not cover all the costs of running the Diocese.  Some money is provided by the Representative Body of The Church in Wales in the form of a Block Grant and we have received generous contributions to our funds through legacies.  These have been invested wisely to benefit the Diocese.

A common perception is that the Representative Body or maybe the government make up any short-fall in our funding.  This is not true.  So we need to work together to ensure our future is secure and on a sustainable financial footing.

So what can the Diocesan Office do for you?

We live in a complex world and staff at the Diocesan Office are there to support all of our parishes.  Among other things they offer support and guidance on ministry and mission; church buildings; finance and financial management; safeguarding; communication; general data protection regulations; education; funding youth workers; social responsibility; centre for mission and legal advice.

So, thank you. Your contributions keep our churches open and our clergy supported.  You allow us to be bold in our ambitions to grow the church and realise our strategy for growth.

Allocation of Ministry Share

Ministry Share is allocated at Parish, United Parish or Rectorial Benefice (Parish/Benefice’) level using a three year rolling average of Average Sunday Attendance.

Any increase or decrease in Ministry Share is capped at 15%.

A Parish/Benefice paying its quarterly Ministry Share on or by the due date is entitled to a 4% discount (which is deducted from the amount payable).  No discount is allowed if there are arrears of Ministry Share.

Definition of Sunday Attendance

The total of all attenders in the Parish or Benefice at all normal pattern Sunday services for worship (including non-communicants) is required.

The above total should reflect the following:

  • Attenders at Easter and Christmas (if it falls on a Sunday) should be excluded
  • Attenders who are under 18 should be excluded
  • Members of the congregation who attend more than one service on a Sunday should only be counted once
  • Where a church has closed, the attendance figures for that church should be excluded from the total for each of the three years figures requested
  • Attenders statistics are amended to reflect re-groupings that have occurred during the three-year period

Calculation of Allocation of Ministry Share

  1. Each Parish/Benefice is requested to complete the statistics form, produced by the Board, which records the total attenders for the requested year.
  2. The total attenders for the requested year is divided by 50 to obtain an Average Sunday Attendance.
  3. The figure obtained in (2) above is then used with the preceding two years Average Sunday Attendance figures (previously supplied) to provide the basis for the three years on which the rolling Average Sunday Attendance is calculated.
  4. The three years Average Sunday Attendance figures are added and divided by 3 to obtain the three year rolling Average Sunday Attendance.
  5. Ministry Share is then allocated proportionately to each Parish/Benefice based on the three year rolling Average Sunday Attendance.
  6. The Ministry Share allocation is then checked to ensure that no Parish/Benefice has an increase or decrease greater than 15%.
  7. The excess Ministry Share not allocated as a result of the capping is then re-distributed among the remaining Parishes/Benefices on a proportionate basis – again ensuring that no Parish/Benefice has an increase or decrease greater than 15%.