Normally, the routine maintenance of a church building is the proper responsibility of the parish itself. But there are obviously occasions when outside help is needed – not only advice but also financial assistance.

GrantFinderGrantFinder provides access to over 8000 sources of funding for a wide range of projects that could help maintain, refurbish, re-order or even extend your church premises. It can also assist with funds for church groups.

The diocese has access to this via a provincial scheme that provides a greater number of potential options than most search engines.

The point of contact is Dr Nigel Ford, who can be contacted by phone on 01646 693452 or via Email

Before considering any work on your church or churchyard you should consult your archdeacon, who may steer you towards help available.

When exploring this avenue, please bear in mind that there are two application forms for grants: one is concerned with church buildings and the other with projects which do not normally involve the buildings themselves.

Don’t forget that any proposal for repairs or modifications in churches or churchyards requires a faculty: further information is available on the main DAC page.


The diocese has take over responsibility for Church Repair Grants previously administered by the Representative Body of the Church in Wales.

Application Form

Up to £3,000 is available for:

  • Repairs to the fabric of a church excluding stained glass or decoration unless such works represent less than 10% of a major repair project.
  • Works to improve safety and accessibility
  • Extensions or major reordering
  • New churches



Foundation Grants

are available to churches  towards work that addresses urgent maintenance, as identified as a priority in a recent Quinquennial Inspection Report or survey. The works should be stand-alone projects costing between £1,000 and £10,000 excluding VAT. Grants range from £500 to £3,000.

In order to apply applicants should have two quotes for the work, 50% of funding in place, as well as permissions (e.g. List B consent, Faculty, Trustee approval or equivalent thereof), and be able to evidence the urgency for the work. Projects should be led, overseen and supervised by a suitably qualified architect or surveyor, with conservation accreditation if the building is listed. We cannot fund work retrospectively though work may commence after an application has been submitted to us

Gateway Grants

are awards of £3,000 to £10,000 to support churches to develop high quality, well researched, sustainable projects through the diagnosis of issues affecting the church, by testing the viability of proposed solutions, and through developing plans up to RIBA stage 1, in advance of applying to a major church heritage funder. For the guidance notes (including the full eligibility criteria, scoring and grant conditions) and online application form, please visit

Cornerstone Grants

are awards of £10,000 to £50,000 towards urgent and essential structural repairs, with an estimated cost of at least £100,000 (including VAT and fees) and/or the introduction of kitchens and toilets costing at least £30,000. For the guidance notes (including the full eligibility criteria, scoring and grant conditions) and online application form, please visit

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The Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme provides quick and easy funding for a wide range of repairs

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