Normally, the routine maintenance of a church building is the proper responsibility of the parish itself. But there are obviously occasions when outside help is needed – not only advice but also financial assistance.

GrantFinderGrantFinder provides access to over 8000 sources of funding for a wide range of projects that could help maintain, refurbish, re-order or even extend your church premises. It can also assist with funds for church groups.

The diocese has access to this via a provincial scheme that provides a greater number of potential options than most search engines.

The point of contact is Dr Nigel Ford, who can be contacted by phone on 01646 693452 or via Email

Before considering any work on your church or churchyard you should consult your archdeacon, who may steer you towards help available.

When exploring this avenue, please bear in mind that there are two application forms for grants: one is concerned with church buildings and the other with projects which do not normally involve the buildings themselves.

Don’t forget that any proposal for repairs or modifications in churches or churchyards requires a faculty: further information is available on the main DAC page.



Grants of up to £10,000 are available, and are likely to be used to produce a report that will help progress project plans to a stage where they can be considered by large grant-giving bodies and to meet RIBA Stage 1 requirements, or may assist with the cost of staff time such as a project manager or a professional advisor.

UK places of worship, of all ages, listed and unlisted, are considered for the funding, though the Trust is particularly interested in applications from the North East of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Funding is limited and in high demand. Applicants must read the guidance notes carefully to ensure they are eligible. The Fund is only open to buildings built as churches originally and 50% of the funds need to have been raised prior to submission.

The final deadlines for 2018 applications is August 29 

MAINTENANCE GRANTS (in partnership with the Pilgrim Trust)

£500-£3000 available for maintenance and pro-active repairs. Applications require 50% match funding and should be costed at £1,000-£10,000. These might include:

  • roof repairs
  • repointing/re-rendering
  • stone repairs
  • rainwater goods
  • structural repairs
  • glazing
  • drainage
  • floors

The final deadline for 2018 applications is September 26th  Read the Guidelines


NCT has adopted a new strategy for 2019-2023. Existing grant schemes will be replaced with three new ones from September 2018. Detailed information will be posted here as soon as it is available. Meanwhile…

Foundation Grants

Grants of £500 – £3,000
Eligible work: Maintenance works; items identified as required within a Quinquennial Inspection Report/survey reports/other sort of report; small investigative works/surveys. Projects should cost up to £10,000.

Gateway Grants

Grants of £3,000 – £10,000
Eligible work: Structural repairs/maintenance issues costed between £10,000 and £100,000; installation of kitchen and toilets up to £30,000; project development work up to RIBA stage 1; strategic or capacity building projects at regional churches Trusts.

Cornerstone Grants

Grants of £10,000 – £50,000
Eligible work: Structural repairs/maintenance issues costed over £100,000; installation of kitchen and toilets over £30,000.

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The Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme provides quick and easy funding for a wide range of repairs

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