Pobl Dewi deliveries

It has come to our attention that some churches are not receiving their copies of Pobl Dewi in a timely fashion.

This is undoubtedly due to a wide variety of reasons but copies of the paper should be in every church across our diocese by the middle of the months of March, June, September and December, annually.

The delivery system is currently undergoing changes that reflect the  transition from old-style parishes to new Local Ministry Areas (LMAs).

We would be very happy to help sort out any issues of non-delivery. For example, we could arrange for a minimum of 50 copies to be delivered to one person for a few churches in a group, or we could arrange for half of one LMA/deanery’s copies to be delivered to one place and half to another.  A variety of options is available but unless we are told where the problems exist we cannot know, nor help.

If this applies to you, in any church, large or small, please do get in touch with our Diocesan Communications Officer, David Hammond-Williams or the Editor, Tessa Briggs and, working with you, we will endeavour to ensure that you receive Pobl Dewi regularly and on time.