Diocesan press releases

Seek the common good, one day at a time: Bishop Joanna’s St Davids Day Message to the Senedd

Every St David’s Day, the Bishop of St Davids sends a message to Assembly Members to be read out at the Senedd:

“As we in Wales begin a new phase in our national life, outside the European Union, the words of Dewi Sant, our patron saint, continue to inspire and guide us.

“In his last sermon on the Sunday before he died, Dewi Sant urged his community to do the “little things.” By little things, Dewi Sant did not mean particular goals and objectives. These change month by month, year by year, as circumstances change.

“What don’t change are the values and practices that create and foster trust, the ways of behaving towards one another that provide the recipe for creating and sustaining community together.

“Across the centuries, Dewi Sant calls us, whatever our role in life, to be honourable, open, transparent, considerate and fair in all our dealings with one another. In a post-truth, social media age, let us promise one another to speak the truth, to act honestly and to seek the common good, one day at a time.

Every blessing,

+Joanna Tyddewi