Diocesan press releases

Wander woman

The Bishop of St Davids tops the bill for this year’s literary festival in the Cleddau estuary village of Llangwm.

Bishop Joanna Penberthy is one of several pioneering ladies taking part in the festival of story-telling entitled Wander Women, in celebration of the centenary of women first getting the right to vote.

And her contribution promises to be as diverse as the roll call of speakers, all of whom are noted for their travelling experiences. It will embrace her own personal journey of faith to St Davids, girl power (she was the first woman in Wales to be made a Bishop) and her passion for quantum physics (she is currently working for a PhD in the subject).

Alongside her on the podium will be a number of other women noted for their ground-breaking travels, including several focusing on the Holy Land and the Middle East. These include Irish writer Dervla Murphy, who famously travelled from Dublin to India by bicycle, and Diana Darke, whose latest book The Merchant of Syria is sub-titled A History of Survival.

There will be lessons in foraging from Pembrokeshire’s seaweed queen Julia Horton-Powdrill and tips on how to write the perfect travel guide from Phoebe Smith, regarded as the female equivalent of Bear Grylls.

Llangwm is noted for its own collection of feisty women, not least among them Pam Hunt whose heritage project recounting the village’s Flemish roots recently received a national award for the use of innovative technology interpreting a tapestry in St Jerome’s Church that tells the story

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