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On the march: Carmarthenshire Mums celebrate suffragette centenary

A group of young Mums from Carmarthenshire marched through Cardiff at the weekend (June 10) to celebrate 100 years of votes for women, as part of a wider, government-funded awareness project.

The Young Parents’ group is an initiative of Plant Dewi, the social care arm of St Davids Diocese.

Eight members joined thousands of other women from all over Wales to mark the anniversary in one of four processions held across the UK.

Plant Dewi is one of only 12 projects to successfully apply for grant aid offered as part of the centenary celebrations. And the procession was just one element.

Over ten weeks, the young women are taking part in activities workshops, talks and discussions, art and design (including their own banner), they’ve created memory books on the subject of female suffrage and written an online blog. They’ve also visited the Senedd.

“We aim to celebrate as a community and recognise that women can influence change,” Plant Dewi’s Vicky Thomas said. “We will also celebrate the knowledge, experience and opinions the young women have gained through participating and seeing how personal change can take place no matter what their circumstances are.”

“We want these young women and others to be positive role models for their children/daughters.”