Diocesan press releases

New Archdeaconry for evangelism

A new Archdeaconry for New Christian Communities, is being established in St Davids Diocese.

It will cover the whole of the diocese and will be a nursery which, when they reach an appropriate level of stability, will be passed over into the relevant geographic Archdeaconries

The decision was announced in the latest Ad Clerum from Bishop Joanna.. “I am pleased to announce that Canon Mones Farah has agreed to take up this new post,” she writes. “Please pray for Mones and his family as he leads this aspect of the diocese‚Äôs evangelism.

“Encouraging our existing churches to grow and resourcing their growth is vital and is within the remit of our Parish Growth group, headed by the Archdeacon of Cardigan, the Venerable Will Strange

“But the fresh evangelisation of our diocese is not a responsibility that the diocese as a whole can ignore. It is not something that can just be laid at the feet of our parishioners and clergy who are all already working so hard to sustain our common life.”