Diocesan press releases

A new kind of Ministry

St Davids Diocese is breaking new ground by creating a new category of ordained licensed ministry.

Bishop Joanna has responded to evidence of the strain imposed on stipendiary, NSM and NSM(L) clergy and Readers when service rotas within LMAs include services that, even when all the licensed clergy and Readers were working, need retired clergy to take them.

After discussion, she has announced the setting up of a new licensed ministry to be known as NSM(AR). AR stands for Active Retired.

Any retired cleric under the age of 80 will soon be free to apply to be licensed as an NSM(AR) within their LMA

“I am adamant that the number of services on a Sunday in each LMA must not exceed the number worked out based on the number of clergy and Readers licensed to the LMA.,” she says in her latest Ad Clerum

“Services of the word beyond that can be taken by worship leaders but no extra services should be taken by retired clergy.

“Retired clergy could of course be asked to take any service within the designated number but not be used to extend the rota to something that the licensed ministry team couldn’t cover healthily alone.

“The willingness of retired clergy to give their time, effort and energy, should not be used to prolong a way of being church that is no longer sustainable.”