Diocesan press releases

A new first

Llanelli has become the first United Benefice to be formalised under new arrangements for the formation of Local Ministry Areas in St Davids Diocese

A service in St Elli’s Church, led by Bishop Joanna, licensed a clergy Ministry Team under the “gentle oversight” of LMA Dean/Priest-in-Charge Revd Huw Mosford.

Bro Lliedi Ministry Team

Ministry Team L-R Revd Patrick Mansell Lewis, Revd Dr Emma Whittick, Revd Huw Mosford, Revd Captain Rob Lowe

The Bro Lliedi LMA, as it’s called, is the first to become both a United Benefice and a Deanery sharing the same borders.

By January 1st 2020, all 100 or so benefices in the Diocese will amalgamate into 22 similar groupings

In her address, Bishop Joanna told a packed congregation that the diocese was facing “a new time in our life” building on the foundations of both the recent and distant past, making sure that “everyone is included…everyone has a place to belong.”

Bishop Joanna grants her Licence to LMA Dean Revd Huw Mosford

And she urged people to be “charitable” in voicing any concerns about the new arrangements. Mistakes would be made, she conceded. “Be forgiving but don’t overlook where things could be done better.”

“Let’s be honest about what we mourn from the past,” she said. “But remember that we are worshipping the same God, with the same resources, as the Ephesians.”