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Learning lessons from litter

A beach litter pick in the wake of Hurricane Ophelia turned into a history lesson for pupils from Tenby VC School

Among the items in their ten binbags-full of rubbish were items dating back up to fifty years.

They included a sun cream tube from the 1960s, a lemonade can and a crisp packet from the 70s and a Pepsi can from the 80s.

The organiser, Marten Lewis from the Darwin Centre charity, said:: “The children were amazed at the finds, and it helped them to get a real sense of how long plastic and metal litter can survive in the environment and to understand the massive problem we have with marine litter.

“The pupils did a great job collecting 10 bags of rubbish which would otherwise be floating off into the sea, causing all manner of environmental problems.”

It is estimated that around three million pieces of plastic enter the sea every day worldwide, breaking down into tiny pieces and being eaten by creatures at the start of the marine food chain.