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Helping others: A Litany of Dementia

A Pembrokeshire priest has published a “warts-and-all” account of her family’s experience of caring for a loved one with dementia, in the hope it will help others facing the same situation

DementiaFlierRevd Sharon Swain’s A Litany of Dementia tells how she and her sons learned to cope with the condition after her husband Adrian, who died last year, started suffering from it a decade ago

“This is not a diary of our lives,” she explains, “it’s an account of how dementia affected us and how we learned to handle the challenges.”

“We travelled this journey together. I learned how to help him: not to ask questions, to change white dinner plates for coloured ones, to find a way to stop him driving, and generally to give him a reasonable quality of life.

“I am hoping that as many people as possible will try out some of the suggestions with those suffering from dementia.”

Sharon’s book is available online at lulu.com, priced at £9.99