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Openings: Bishop Joanna blesses Amman Valley Eco-Lodge

Bishop Joanna Penberthy has chosen to perform her first public duty by opening a new family facility in the Amman Valley.

The newly-enthroned Bishop of St Davids officially blessed and opened a new Eco-Lodge and garden at the Garnant Family Centre, near Ammanford.



And she thanked everyone involved for the hard work they had put in to transform “this little corner of God’s Creation” for the benefit of the community at large.

“I’m hugely impressed by how much work has gone into the project in such a short time” Work on the garden did not begin until after Christmas.

Touring the garden

The project has been realised with help from the St Davids Diocesan family support network, Plant Dewi.

Plant Dewi Project Manager, Sue Fletcher, said: “The hope is that families will be able to develop new skills, planting and growing their own produce, which can then be replicated in the home.”

With the Plant Dewi team