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Experiencing Easter: Churches open their doors for schools this Lent

Three churches in St Davids Diocese are throwing open their doors to tell schoolchildren the Easter story.

They are taking part in Experience Easter, an imaginative programme devised by the Diocese of Gloucester, in which the story is told through a series of six ‘stations’

The children make a journey round the first five stations in small groups, also taking part in a craft activity to support their learning. The final station ‘Resurrection’ takes place with the whole group present

Experience Easter is a simple storytelling tool aimed at Foundation  Phase and KS2 pupils and can be adapted for use in the schools themselves, as well as their local churches.

The churches taking part are:

St Peter’s Carmarthen 8-11 March 2016
St Peter’s Lampeter 15-17 March 2016
St John’s Pembroke Dock 22-25 March 2016

Anyone who is interested is invited to go along and see for themselves how it works.

Clare Williams, the St Davids Diocesan Children & Youth Co-ordinator said: “Experience Easter is a key programme to use with schools as it opens doors to exploring the Good News of the Gospel even further. Schools celebrate Easter and are keen to have an interactive, story-based experience for children.

“There are other opportunities at Christmas and other festivals for similar experiences. These resources are at our fingertips and are relatively easy to put on as a church congregation, a ministry area or using volunteers and resources from across a Deanery.

We are delighted that churches from each Archdeaconry have taken up the opportunity to use this programme with their local schools this Lent.”