Diocesan press releases

Same-sex Marriages: St Davids says No

The St Davids Diocesan Conference has voted emphatically against conducting same-sex marriages in church.

An extraordinary meeting held on Saturday June 6th rejected the idea by a margin of 4:1 in a secret ballot. Members also said ‘No’ to allowing church blessings for civil partnerships

But the result has no legal force. Instead, it will be forwarded to the Bench of Bishops, along with the outcomes of similar votes in the other five dioceses. The Bishops will then bring a proposal to the Church in Wales Governing Body in September, where a final decision will be made.

The conference had to decide between three options:

1. Maintain that the union of one man and one woman is the only definition of marriage recognised by the Church in Wales, and make no liturgical provision for recognising same-sex relationships.

2. Make provision for the blessing of same-sex relationships (i. e civil partnerships or state-recognised marriages), but not carry out same-sex weddings.

3. Conduct marriages for same-sex couples.

The voting was as follows:

 ConferenceVote3                          CLERGY              LAITY

Option 1            43 (61.5%)          42 (56%)                     

Option 2            12 (17%)             17 (23%)

Option 3            15 (21.5%)          16 (21%)