Directorates, Boards & Committees

2019 meeting dates

All meetings are held at the diocesan office unless indicated otherwise

Bishop’s staff

Llys Esgob 2pm
February 12th
March 5th
April 2nd
May 20th/21st Away days
June 18th
July 23rd 10am
September 10th 10am
October 1st 10am
November 5th/6th Away days
December 10th 10am

  • AREA DEANS: March 26th 10am / September 19th 10am

churches and pastoral committee

March 20th 2pm
July 9th 10am
September 19th 2pm
December 12th 10am

communications team

March 14th 11am
June 19th 11am
September 12th 11am
December 11th 11am

diocesan advisory committee (DAC)

February 11th – site visit 10am
March 11th 10am
May 13th 10am
June 10th – site visit (provisional) 2pm
July 8th 10am
August 12th – site visit (potential) 10am
September 9th + FAC, St Davids 10am
October 14th – site visits (provisional)
November 18th 10am
December 9th – site visit (potential) 10am

diocesan board of finance

February 13th – Exec + WODS 10am
May 14th 10am
June 10th – Budget meeting 10am
July 10th – Exec + AGM 10am
September 17th 10am
November 12th 10.30am

  • AUDIT SUB COMMITTEE: April 4th 10.30am / November 21st 10.30am
  • HR SUB COMMITTEE February 20th 2pm / May 8th 2pm / September 17th 2pm / November 13th 2pm
  • INVESTMENTS SUB COMMITTEE: March 4th 2pm / April 9th 11am / June 11th 10am / October 2nd 2pm / December 3rd 2pm
  • MINISTRY SHARE SUB COMMITTEE: April 4th 2pm / June 25th 10am / October 3rd 2pm
  • PROPERTY SUB COMMITTEE: July 2nd 10am / September 25th 10am / November 13th 10am

DIOCESAN COUNCIL FOR social responsibility

February 20th 10am
April 10th 2pm
June 19th AGM 10am
September 26th 10.30am
November 14th 10.30am

endowed schools committee

March 12th 2pm
June 11th 10am
September 24th 2pm
December 2nd 10.30am

evangelism & Evangelisation Group

Llys Esgob 2pm
February 19th
April 3rd
July 4th
October 3rd

housing association

May 9th – AGM 10.00
July 4th 10.00
November 7th 10.30


February 27th 2.30pm
July 10th 3pm
November 21st 2pm

ministry directorate

May 8th 10am
October 8th 10am

nominations board

January 31st 2pm
April 9th 2pm
November 20th 2pm

parsonage board

February 19th 10.30am
May 9th 2pm
July 3rd 10.30am
November 20th 10.30am

safeguarding support committee

April 5th 10am
November 14th 2pm

standing committee

March 19th 2pm
June 20th 10.30am
September 24th 2pm
December 12th 2pm