MAE Cymru

MAECymru is a group of people with a vision of the Church in Wales as a community of God’s people where, regardless of gender, justice and equality prevail.

MAE Cymru

Are you interested in…

  • supporting equality in the Church for women and men, lay and ordained, and particularly in the Church in Wales?
  • seeking well-being and fairness for women in the Church?
  • a vision rooted in scripture that enfolds God’s will for the world?

MAECymru (Merched a’r Eglwys – Ministry and Equality) will:
1) seek to monitor and to challenge discrimination on grounds of gender in the Church in Wales;
2) become a respected body of both men and women sharing the aims of equality and diversity of the CIO.  It will organise its internal affairs consistently with this    principle in order to present a public identity that can speak with integrity on matters of inclusivity, equality and diversity

3.1 Promote gender equality and diversity as experienced by both Lay and Ordained people in the Church in Wales by
a) promoting a culture within the Church in Wales, where both women and men are welcomed and represented at every level and in every role and office;
b) raising and maintaining awareness of gender equality and diversity and offering education and training in all parts of the Church in Wales, including liturgy and language;
c) encouraging appropriate training for those responsible for appointments, Lay or Ordained; and systems that ensure appointments adhere to the principles of transparency, equality of opportunity and fairness;
d) seeking gender balance on committees and boards within the Church in Wales;
e) encouraging the collection and interpretation of detailed data on appointments and elections at all levels in the church, including research into the allocation of financial resources;
f) providing resources to dioceses and parishes to examine and reflect on the current situation and to devise strategies for addressing inequality.

3.2 Promote gender justice and the well-being of women in all their diversity within the Church in Wales, its constitution, policies and practice by activities focussed on women:
a) organising events, circulating information and promoting relationships focussed upon the needs of lay and ordained women within the Church in Wales;
b) encouraging the theological, spiritual and work-related development of women through promoting discussion, publication and events;
c) advising and assisting those responsible for appointments and the organising of elections within the Church in Wales, especially to senior roles, to ensure maximum equality of opportunity and diversity.

3.3 Advance education including theological education to people inside and outside the Church about gender justice in the church, in particular but not exclusively, the Church in Wales by:
a) organising its internal affairs in a manner consistent with the principles of equality and diversity;
b) networking in every diocese to encourage debate, exchange of ideas and communication between dioceses and committees in the Church in Wales;
c) promoting external networks of support and encouragement where these support MAECymru’s aims;
d) seeking a wide and inclusive membership in order to promote debate and discussion both within the organisation and within the wider church;
e) maintaining links with other organisations engaged in the field of equality and diversity;
f) exchanging education and experience with other churches and other lay organisations in Wales and the UK;
g) maximising opportunities for raising awareness in public forums and in all forms of the media.