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December 2017

Page 9: Calan Hen / Hen Galan Two churches that plan to celebrate the new year in traditional style


Since the change from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian
calendar in 1752, St Tysul’s Church in Llandysul has marked the
new year with a special festival, as Gareth Reid explains

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St Mary’s Church, Fishguard, will be celebrating the new year
according to ancient customs and raising money for good causes.

Hedydd Hughes invites everyone along to celebrate

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Page 14: Dementia Friends in Ceredigion

Unfortunately, one third of those living with dementia no longer feel part of their community.  Through the Dementia Friends scheme, it is hoped that this will change for the better, says Naomi McDonagh, from Community Wellbeing at Ceredigion County Council

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Page 16: In His (final) Footsteps

Anthony Jenkins’ pilgrimage to the Holy Land comes to an end

From Capernaum, we travelled to Jericho to stand beneath the tree which Zacchaeus had climbed to get a better view of Jesus and inspected the recently excavated foundations of the walls supposedly destroyed by Joshua.

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Page 17: Pioneer Church Planter in India

An extended version of the article by ordinand Shirley Murphy describing her experiences during a placement in her native city of Chennai

She was honoured and privileged, she says, to meet and chat with the Bishop of the Evangelical Church of India (ECI) The Most Rev Dr Bishop M Ezra Sargunam who in recent years also goes by the title of Father Bishop. He is also the President and Director of the Evangelical Church of India

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 Page 20: Book Review – Cerrig Milltir / Milestones

 A valuable picture of ministry in West Wales

Milestones by Aled W. Williams
Published by the author
Price: £9.95 [No ISBN]

Copies available directly from Canon Aled Williams, Cwmawel, Llanllwni, Pencader, Carmarthenshire SA39 9DR

Read Canon Patrick Thomas’s review in English 

Of clergymen and pigs – a review by Fenella Strange (received February 2018)



Oh for the wings of a dove

There are two sides to every story. As Christmas beckons, Pobl Dewi reader Mrs Rhys-John imagines the feelings of a refugee from the Gaza Strip, praying for a miracle…

This article arrived too late for publication.

“It is the night that Christians call Christmas Eve. I am sitting on an outcrop of rock, huddled against the cold and looking to the future, for to look back into the past merely brings back a nightmare…

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Esgob Joanna yn Llandysul

Gwasanaeth Bedydd Esgob yn Llandysul ar ddydd Sul Tachwedd 5ed gydag Esgob Joanna yng nghwmni’r 10 a gafodd eu conffirmio mewn gwasanaeth arbennig mewn eglwys iawn

Gorslas Primary School Annual Christmas Concert.

Gorslas Primary School welcomes nearly 150 children to class every day.

The Annual Christmas Concert had to be arranged over two separate evenings due to the numbers and to cater for family attendance.


On Tuesday 12th December 2017 the Foundation Phase Concert was held and the suitably attired children enacted the Nativity story.

On Wednesday 13th December the Junior children held their Christmas concert – “Cynlluniau”.

On both evenings St Lleian’s Church was filled to capacity with standing room only at the rear of the church.

The Head Teacher, Mrs Beverly Owen, expressed her gratitude for the use of the church and thanked the Verger, Mr Terry Davies MBE, for arranging the numerous rehearsal and concert evenings.

The collection from both evenings amounted to £315 and was donated to Save the Children and Tear Fund

September 2017

Page 2: Something to Celebrate /  Rheswm da i ddathlu eleni

Philip Wyn Davies hails those who made the Book of Common Prayer and the New Testament accessible to Welsh speakers (cyfieithiad)

Oes, mae gyda ni reswm da i ddathlu eleni, yma yn esgobaeth Tyddewi. Nid am mai hon sydd i fod yn “Flwyddyn y Chwedlau” – gallwn ni ymhyfrydu ynddyn’ nhw unrhyw adeg. Rheswm gwell i ddathlu yn 2017 yw tri-chanmlwyddiant geni William Williams, Pantycelyn, emynydd mawr y Methodistiaid, ac un a ordeiniwyd yn ddiacon yn yr esgobaeth hon.

©National Library of Wales

Ond a oes sylw wedi bod i‘r rheswm pwysicaf inni fod yn dathlu eleni: pedwar-canmlwyddiant a hanner cyhoeddi’r Llyfr Gweddi Gyffredin a’r Testament Newydd yn Gymraeg ym 1567?

Am fil o flynyddoedd o leiaf, o gyfnod cynharaf Cristionogaeth ym Mhrydain hyd 1549, ac eto o 1554 hyd 1559, ‘roedd y Cymry wedi bod yn addoli yn Lladin. 0 1549 hyd 1554, ac eto o 1559 hyd 1567, ‘roedd y gwasanaethau yn ein holl eglwysi ni yn Saesneg, ac ychydig iawn y tu allan i Dde Penfro oedd yn deall Saesneg. Dyma’r Cymry ym 1567, gyda chyhoeddi’r cyfieithiad Cymraeg o’r Llyfr  Gweddi Gyffredin, yn cael am y tro cyntaf wasanaethau yr oeddynt yn gallu eu deall.

Ym 1567 cyhoeddwyd hefyd y cyfieithiad Cymraeg cyntaf o’r Testament Newydd. Y prif gyfieithydd oedd William Salesbury, ac y mae’n debyg mai Salesbury hefyd a luniodd y cyfieithiad o’r Llyfr Gweddi. Yn frodor o Ogledd Cymru, ‘roedd Salesbury wedi astudio yn Rhydychen ac wedi dod dan ddylanwad y Dadeni Dysg a’r Diwygiad Protestannaidd. Fel Protestant o argyhoeddiad ‘roedd yn credu bod rhaid i’r bobl gael darllen yr Ysgrythurau yn eu hiaith eu hunain. Ac fel un o blant y Dadeni Dysg ‘roedd yn credu bod rhaid mynd yn ol at y ffynonellau gwreiddiol wrth gyfieithu – ac iaith wreiddiol y Testament Newydd yw Groeg, iaith yr oedd Salesbury yn gallu cyfieithu ohoni.

Estynnodd Richard Davies, esgob Tyddewi ar y pryd, wahoddiad i Salesbury ddod ato ef yn Abergwili i ymroi i‘r gwaith cyfieithu, ac ymunodd yr esgob a Thomas Huet,”C[antor] M[ynyw]” (sef deon Tyddewi, a defnyddio’r teitl a arferir heddiw), yn y gwaith, gan gyfieithu eu hunain rai o lyfrau’r Testament Newydd . Y mae cyfieithiadau’r esgob yn dangos ei fod ef, fel Salesbury, yn ysgolhaig, ond yn wahanol i Salesbury ei unig nôd oedd llunio cyfieithiadau hawdd eu deall. Mae cyfieithiadau Salesbury yn dioddef oherwydd ei ymdrech i greu urddas ymadrodd teilwng o’r Ysgrythurau. Lluniodd yr Esgob Davies hefyd ragymadrodd, yn honni bod y Diwygwyr yn adfer Cristionogaeth gynnar y Cymry.


Page 12: Moving on…

Capel y Groes Church, near Carmarthen, was closed several years ago. Eileen Jones reflects on the church’s long history and its conversion for use today, which would please St Francis (translation):

Capel y Groes church in the parish of Abergwili closed its doors for the final time several years ago. The cross was carried by the few remaining members to Peniel Community Centre, where Holy Communion is now celebrated monthly.

An interesting booklet by Richard Huws was published in 1988 to mark the church’s centenary.  The site was donated by the local squire, John Venables Llywelyn, who owned the Penllegaer Estate, comprising of many local farms.

The foundation stone was laid in October 1886 by his wife and copies of Carmarthen Journal, and many church publications, were buried under the stone. Over 300 people attended the ceremony, nineteen robed clergy, and the Bishop  who arrived with due ceremony in his coach. Abergwili Choir opened the service and the names of all concerned with the project were noted.

The bishop consecrated the church and the surrounding area “to the Glory of God” on 8th September 1888, with over 600 people present.  The ceremony was held in the open air, as the church had seating for only 160.  The service was conducted in Welsh and our mother tongue remained the main language over the years.  The huge congregation left for lunch and tea to the barn of a neighbouring farm – Ffosygest.

There are definite signs on the site that worship has taken place here for centuries.  A stone with an inscription testifying to this fact was found in a shed outside the church and was given to Abergwili Museum where it is displayed and can be seen today.

Subsequent to its closure, the church was sold and has been adapted as “Hydrotherapy for Small Animals”.  St Francis must be pleased was a comment made by one member!

The pulpit and the Baptismal Font remain as a reminder of its original purpose. And they still seem to speak to us.  The new owners, Catherine and Tim, welcome any callers.  The school children of Peniel had a great time visiting. The grounds and the graveyard, where many stalwarts of the church rest, are immaculately kept.

There is a sadness in my heart, when I think back over the years, and I visualise the place comfortably full of worshippers.  But we had to be realistic and move on. We remember with gratitude both incumbents and laity who ensured the locality had a sacred place of worship for over a century.  May they forgive us and rest in peace.

Eileen Jones.

Page 13: Tafarn Unnos Cilcennin / Pop-up Pub

The village of Cilcennin [near Lampeter] still has a school a chapel and a church. On Saturday 17 June it had a pub once more as well when a ‘Pop up Pub’ was run at Holy Trinity Church. The pub had a strong focus on local produce serving beers, lager and cider from Mantle Brewery Cardigan and wines from Llaethlliw vineyard as well as ‘Tapas Cymreig’.

Over 50 members of the local community turned out to support it and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The plan is to run one or two more pop-up pubs at Holy Trinity before the end of the summer. It’s possible that a regular pop-up could eventually be set up on a community basis.

(Translation of caption in Welsh)

Book review: Messages of Hope and Encouragement

The scars that have shaped me: How God meets us in suffering
By Vaneetha Rendall Risner
Pub: CreateSpace; 2016
ISBN: 978-1539506584
Price: £7.22

This is an astonishingly moving book, with a powerful spiritual message. The author’s illness and tragic circumstances are extreme, but through it all she finds God’s grace and is able to speak of the joy she finds in knowing her love in Jesus.

She has some profound insights into suffering and where God is to be found in such times. The author has faced irreparable loss and unfixable damage, but she presses on in hope and pursues her joy in Jesus Christ. Not only is her story riveting and heart-wrenching, it is also full of unflinching hope in God.

This is an excellent book filled with messages of hope and encouragement. It was an easy read both in the style of her writing and the length of the chapters. I would highly recommend it.

Shirley Murphy