Pobl Dewi

Pobl Dewi (David’s People) is our diocesan newspaper, published four times a year.

You can download the current edition and also look back into the archive.

POBL DEWI EXTRA – additional material and translations of selected articles printed in Welsh. Take a look

Pobl Dewi aims:

  • To be a shop window for the diocese.
  • To facilitate discussion of important issues in church and society
  • To disseminate good practice
  • To encourage diocesan identity and fellowship

There is an editorial team which consists of members of the Diocesan Communications Team. The editor reserves the right to edit all material submitted. Good quality photographs are always welcome.

PLEASE NOTE: Photographs of children must have parental permission for publication in print and/or on the internet.  Please confirm this in writing to the editor when submitting photos

Contributions to Pobl Dewi are always welcome in the form of stories up to 400 words long – preferably complete with pictures – or simply tip-offs about significant events and personalities.

Email your contribution to the Editor

Please note: We are no longer able to accept hard copies of articles/photographs.