Non-stipendiary Ministry (Local)

It is ministry given by people who are deeply rooted in their churches and communities and called to work as priests in that place with those people.

Their church may well recognise their calling before they do.

If you think you know one of these people, what do you do next ?

  1.  Talk to them and talk to your vicar. If they consent then-
  2. Together, talk to the PCC. If they agree that this person should explore the possibility that they might have a calling, then-
  3. Contact the Director of Ministry who will send out an initial enquiry checklist.
  4. The candidate should also contact a vocations adviser
  5. When the candidate is ready they will do to a selection conference
  6. If they are accepted for training, they begin a series of placements, apprenticeships and more formal learning. Details are below.
  7. Towards the end of their training, reports are sent to the Bishop.
  8. If he agrees, they are made deacons.
  9. Towards the end of their deacon year the bishop decides whether or not to ordain them as priests.
  10. Once priested they continue working in the parish, exercising this new ministry among the people who supported them.

The Training

People come to this ministry with a variety of skills and experiences and the training is built around them and the needs of the parishes or ministry area they will serve.