Homilies / Myfyrdodau

As a diocese, we have been trying to find ways of helping our wonderful, faithful Worship Leaders

Every week, we publish a short weekly meditation on the main Sunday Bible readings. Previous examples are stored here as a resource for future use.

Worship Leaders are not licensed to preach, but these meditations can be read out in place of a sermon to help the congregation engage with the Bible readings or just read for interest. There will be some in Welsh and some in English, depending on the preferred language of the contributor, and we hope they will be useful.



Pentecost          Sul y Drindod            Trinity 1                            Trinity 2              Mary Magdalene         Waiting for the Lord     Trinity 5 (Mark 5)        Trinity 6


Trinity 7                                      Trinity 9                             Trinity 10                Trinity 11                           Trinity 12                        Trinity 13                        Trinity 14


Trinity 18                                    Trinity 19                             Trinity 20               Bible Sunday


Y Deymas 1               Kingdom 1                  Kingdom 3                  Christ the King



Advent 1                                     Advent 2                                  Advent 3                      Advent 4



           Epiphany              3rd Sunday before Lent      2nd Sunday before Lent  Sunday before Lent (Transfiguration)

Ist Sunday of Lent