Financial stewardship

The Financial Stewardship team believes that a living church should be supported by its living members.

As Christians, our faith obliges us to share what we have received with those less fortunate than ourselves, those on the margins of society, those starving and diseased, refugees, prisoners of conscience…… the list is large.

Churches need money to flourish and grow; money is needed to carry out their primary purpose: the ministry and mission of God, not merely looking after their “own corner” but having the greater vision to encompass all humanity. On a practical level, churches also need money to survive, to pay the bills etc. and this is where the team can help.

Research has shown that the following strategies have been successful in assisting churches to cope with financial pressures:

  • Teaching regularly on giving and stewardship issues.
  • Organising of an annual renewal of stewardship pledges.
  • Promoting Christian giving through magazine articles, circulating leaflets, etc.
  • Encouraging taxpayers to give tax-efficiently through Gift Aid, Gift Direct…
  • Thanking people for their contributions at least once a year.
  • Helping local residents and casual visitors to give effectively

For most churches the largest share of their monies will come from congregational giving. This financial reality requires congregations to think and act differently about funding their church, a fresh understanding of the importance of regular, planned giving, and awareness of the need to develop additional income streams; and the ability to always be aware of the bigger picture.

As Christians we are striving to be Generous People, Giving People, Visionary and Thoughtful People – good stewards of Creation.