Boards and Committees

 A guide to who organises what in the diocese

  • Diocesan Board of Finance
    • The St Davids Diocesan Board of Finance is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.  Its principal activity is to promote, aid and assist the ministry and mission of the Church in Wales in the Diocese of St Davids.  The Executive Committee of the Board of Finance is responsible for the management of the Diocesan finances and assets.
  • Diocesan Nominations Board
    • The Board of Nomination is responsible for monitoring the number of vacancies and discussing them as appropriate, advising the Bishop on nomination procedure and process as appropriate and agreeing its own internal rules
    • Chair – The Bishop
    • Secretary The Clerical Secretary
  • Churches and Pastoral Committee
    • The Churches and Pastoral Committee is responsible for:
      • Keeping under review the pastoral needs for church buildings in the Diocese and advising the Bishop and Diocesan Conference accordingly
      • Administering the quinquennial inspection scheme of churches
      • Administering the process for the redundancy of churches
      • Advising on grants and loans connected with church buildings
  • Diocesan Advisory Committee
    • The DAC includes members with expertise in particular areas relating to church  buildings, such as architecture, organs, archaeology, etc and is responsible for:
      • Advising the Chancellor of the Diocese in connection with applications for Faculties to authorise the carrying out of works to churches and churchyards.
        • Chair – Andrew Faulkner
        • Secretary Janet Every 01267 236145

Diocesan Housing Association

  • The aim of the Association is to help retired clergy and clergy widows to find housing on retirement.