God calls each and every one of us in so many ways to do His will

Are you, or do you know someone who is being, called by God? If so, we are here to help you.

Our Fellowship is about exploring what we feel God is calling us to; it might be a church warden, a foundation governor, a Eucharistic Assistant – the list is endless and not limited to those who feel called to licensed or ordained ministry.

Take a look at some examples

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  • a caring atmosphere in which people can talk and listen, share a meal and each other’s company
  • a chance to discover how similarly – and how differently – we each hear God’s call in our lives

If you are hearing God’s call in your life, if you are curious or just feeling unsure about what it all means then we are here for you. Talk to your vicar, your LMA convenor, your Area Dean, one of our vocations advisors or the Lay Development team (<<<they’re listed over on the left of this page)

There are FoV groups all over the diocese and more are starting up every year.

The Lay Development Team also offers three coffee morning training courses that can be delivered to your church, Ministry Area or Deanery on Saturday mornings from 10am to Noon (other days can be arranged):

You can book one here



  • Reading the Bible Sure and Strong – how to enjoy reading lessons in church
  • Praying to God on behalf of others – how to lead intercessions
  • Everybody Welcome – making your church a friendlier place for friends and strangers alike