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Pobl Dewi: March 2021

From the Bishop

Anchoring our lives

In bad times and good, there is no substitute for prayer, says Bishop Joanna

2021 is our Year of Prayer and this isn’t intended to imply that we didn’t pray last year, I know full well we did! Nor that we wouldn’t otherwise pray this year. I know we would. It is simply that, this year, we are committed to learning to live a prayerful life

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From the Editor

Degrees of light

Tessa Briggs, Managing Editor, looks forward to a brighter 2021

Due to the majority of our churches being closed, or re-closed, this issue of Pobl Dewi is online-only again but we hope to be able to print copies in June.

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New faces, changing places Meet them

Meanwhile, back at the office...

Keeping calm and carrying on From the Diocesan Secretary

Empowering our Treasurers

Accounts at the click of a button What's on offer

Salt and Light

With faith as our beacon, let’s light up our communities, says Bishop Joanna Read more

Your diocese needs you!

Paul Mackness revisits the diocesan strategy Read more


A Christian imperative Have we dropped the ball?

A wing and a prayer

Marianne Osborne introduces the focus for 2021 Read more

Together to COP26

An invitation to a virtual pilgrimage Join in

Impact 242

Good news in a time of pandemic An update from the 4th Archdeaconry

Shaping our future

A taste of theology at St Padarn's J-D Lawrence writes

Covid and co-operation

Positive outcomes in Aberystwyth Read more

What is an LMA for?

Jeremy Martineau asks the question The view from Fishguard

Community Outreach

Ringing in the new

Nevern celebrates Read more

"If people need food, we'll give it"

Abby Reid's foodbank mission Read more

Crowdfunding cousins

A campaign aimed at benefitting local children and teenagers Read more

A garden for all

Sophie Whitmarsh outlines plans to reinstate a place of rest and reflection in the grounds of St Davids Cathedral Read more

Caring for God's Acre - together

Jonathan Parker looks forward to involving whole communities in the management of their local churchyards Read more

Dads digging

How Plant Dewi supports fathers Read more

Out and About

One 'national treasure' visits another

An old friend comes back to St Davids Cathedral Read more

A success story for our companion diocese

How Bukavu is tackling its challenges Visit

Meanwhile, closer to home...

Growing tourism in Pembrokeshire Emma Thornton has a plan

Looking back

The day the King came to call - in 1171

Mari James previews a new year of exhibitions in St Davids Cathedral Read more

A mediaeval resting place?

History captured in stone Mick Dean explores

Ysgol Llanllwni 150

Celebrating a village milestone Read more


Digital Ministry - it's here to stay

What is the future of the Church in a transformed cultural landscape and what is the place of digital ministry within it? Mones Farah asks the question

Lockdown: how has it been for you?

The Covid-19 & Church-21 Survey aims to find out Take part

Technology Ancient & Modern

Who says online worship is better? Not better but different, says Lyn Dafis

On a lighter note

Turning into Mum

Polly Zipperlen contemplates Mothering Sunday Read more

Diary of a retired parson

The perils of autocorrect and algorithms Read more

When the Bishop came to tea

Eluned Rees fondly recalls VIP visits to the Vicarage Read more


From darkness to light

Canon Ann Howells considers our life-long journey with Jesus as we approach the joy of Easter Read more

A good story-teller

John Holdsworth takes a fresh look at the Gospel of St. Mark Read more

Mary's shoes

Lyn Dafis muses on a painting which fuses fantasy, legend and reality Read more

Are you learning Welsh? Do you need a helping hand?

Read, learn, write!

Book Reviews

The Captain commanded me

From Sri Lanka to Wales and the World Read Jonathan Parker's review


A positive side of the pandemic Read Paul Mackness' review

A Pembrokeshire pilgrim's prayer request

What do you do when prayer becomes mere routine? Read Peter Bement's review

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