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‘Bishop’ comes from the Greek word for ‘overseer’. So a bishop is a senior Christian minister authorised to have oversight for God’s people. As well as duties given to deacons and priests, bishops confirm and ordain.


‘Deacon’ comes the Greek word for ‘servant’. Deacons in the Church in Wales have special roles within worship such as proclaiming the gospel. Traditionally, deacons have had responsibility for social care. Deacons often go on to be ordained priest.


‘Diocese’ refers to the geographical territory in which a bishop exercises oversight. The Church in Wales is divided into six dioceses each with its own cathedral in which is housed the cathedra (the bishop’s ‘chair’ or ‘throne’).


‘Priest’ comes from the Greek word for ‘elder’. Priests in the Church in Wales are those authorised specifically to proclaim forgiveness of sins, preside at the Eucharist and bless God’s people, as well as other responsibilities.

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Pobl Dewi: June 2021

From the Bishop

A call to action

At the Governing Body in April, the Church in Wales passed two important motions: one declaring a Climate Emergency, the other calling for 2022 to be a year of scriptural literacy. These two motions are inextricably linked, writes Bishop Joanna

Read the Bishop's article

From the Editor

The glue that holds the diocese together?

Tessa Briggs, Managing Editor, is disappointed in readership numbers for Pobl Dewi

So how important is Pobl Dewi?

Read on

From the diocese

Diocesan Conference

Extraordinary by name, extraordinary by nature Find out what happened

Governing Body

Tackling climate change Read all about it

Office FAQs

Money matters Advice from the Diocesan Secretary

2021 Ordinations
  • Priests

The people who are to be ordained Priest in services at St Davids Cathedral on June 26/27th

The list in full

  • Deacons

The people who are to be ordained Deacon in services at St Davids Cathedral on June 26/27th

The list in full

History shared

A rare 12th century crozier from St Davids Cathedral is one of the exhibits in the British Museum’s first exhibition after lockdown Read more

Flexible & convenient

St Padarn's new MA Theology course Read more

Fellowship of Vocation

There to help, whatever you do Read more

Climate Change and COP26

Championing Climate Change

Introducing Dr Linda Roberts Meet her

Climate v Weather

Why one is about more than just the other Introducing COP26

The road to Glasgow......the race to Zero How faith helps

Walking the walk

Sophie Whitmarsh and companions embark on the diocesan climate-change pilgrimage Join her

Eco Dewi

Community action, collaboration and commitment Read more

Keeping above water

Building climate resilience in Fisguard Read more

Learning Curves

Plant Dewi

The value of peer support Read more

Online teaching

Rising to the challenge Luke Spencer writes

A virtual weekend away

Online R&R for students at Aber Becky Evans reports

The best (school) breakfast in Wales

Congratulations to St Mark’s Church in Wales VA School, Haverfordwest, on winning the Kellogg’s award for the Best Breakfast Club in Wales.

The £1,000 prize will help towards providing a quiet corner at the club for pupils needing a bit of peace and calm at the start of the day. The panel of judges commended the school’s commitment to ensure every child has breakfast to set them up for the school day. They also praised the way in which staff had adapted to regulations during the pandemic.


A leap of faith

Strengthening community ties over lunch Join the club

New beginnings

What has the pandemic taught us? Philip Clarke has some answers

An unexpected bonus

Helping Tir Dewi find solutions on the farm Jeni Parsons writes

Wales' newest cathedral!

Dan's lockdown labour of love Read more

Little Gems

St Michael’s, Eglwys Fach Read more

Hidden gems

A haven of spirituality Mick Dean finds more hidden treasure

St Davids recipients of Maundy Money

Every year, on Maundy Thursday, the Queen distributes special Maundy Money to pensioners in a service which commemorates Jesus washing the feet of the Apostles at the Last Supper. The service dates back to 600AD.

The gifts correspond to the Queen’s age so, this year, 94 men and 94 women each received 94 pence. Due to the pandemic, and for the second year running, this year’s gifts were sent through the post because it was not possible for the Queen to distribute them in person.

Recipients of Maundy Money are nominated by their local dioceses for contributions to their local church and community. The two long-serving members of the Church in St Davids Diocese to receive Maundy Money this year were Mr Roy Folland [pictured], St Mary the Virgin Church, Haverfordwest, and Mrs Janet Howells, St Luke’s Church, Llanllwni.

More details at https://stdavids.churchinwales.org.uk/en/newsfeed/maundy-money-its-post/

Focus on Volunteering

A timely gift

The great thing about volunteering is that it is often leads to something completely different from your usual job or role in life, Jayne Macgregor

A bridge into the community......and into employment Ena Jean O’Neill

A helping hand......in an emergency Lucy Wilkes

Learn new skills, meet new people......and make a difference Pembrokeshire Voluntary Services

Serving your neighbour

An historical perspective Jeremy Martineau

A concerted effort

Helping to make the Fishguard Music Festival happem Mike Molloy, Festival Manager

On a lighter note

Diary of a retired Parson

Jonathan Copus is up with the lark Find out why

Diary of a parson's wife

Making do and mending with Polly Zipperlen

Chronicles of a vicarage childhood

1962, the 11+ and The Big Snow Eluned Rees revists childhood diaries


The walk that is not just a walk

Revd Jonathan Parker has embarked upon the COP26 Virtual Pilgrimage and he reflects on the nature of commitment Read more

Hell on Earth

Congo: A country coveted by all, populations abandoned and bruised... Poverty in the DRC

Birds of the air

Our latest Armchair Pilgrim reflection is in a window Read more from Lyn Dafis

Are you learning Welsh? Then here's a helping hand - an article written in simpler language for you to practise with.

Read, learn, write!

Book Reviews

Broken Beauty

The pain and heartache Alzheimer’s Read Shirley Murphy's review

Bont-Goch Lives

Colourful characters, a parish strike and so much more Read Lyn Dafis' review

Honest Sadness

Lament in a pandemic age Read John Saxbee's review

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