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Living out the Dream

Someone once said that you can’t make a living out of nice views. Indeed, if you could, all of us pursuing the rural idyll in West Wales would be multi-millionaires by now, says Lynn Beard, a farmer from Llandeilo

So what is it that keeps us all going when the rain is lashing down, the wind is blowing and the bank figures just do not seem to add up right? For me, one warm, sunny day more than makes up for 100 bleak ones.



The sight of a newborn kid or lamb, a litter of healthy piglets, the smell of freshly mown grass, a Red Kite flying overhead or a satisfied customer commenting that what they had bought was delicious are enough to perk me up and revitalise me.

I was brought up on a smallholding: ducklings in the spare room, dogs and rabbits as playmates and growing vegetables were the norm. The roller coaster of everyday life, and death, was there from an early age and often very hard to accept. But accept it you do, and the highs far outweigh the lows.

Then, after living in the fast-paced south east, my husband and I decided to move and live out our dream of farming. Dreams don’t always come easy though - you have to learn to adapt, change direction, accept the views of others and learn from your mistakes; but out of failure can, sometimes, come something far better, far more rewarding and, perhaps, even more profitable. Ultimately, you do have to make some money at this game, and hard decisions need to be made.

Some of us choose to live this lifestyle, for others they have been born into it and expected to carry on even though, perhaps, they have secret yearnings to do something different. As a family, we have had to make big changes and accept that even if, for you, this is the most fantastic thing to be doing, your children might not feel the same.

Even after many years of doing ‘it’ you still need to have the thrill of a challenge, to get that feeling of satisfaction when something has been achieved and, most importantly, to enjoy doing it. I am doing a job that I enjoy 99% of the time and feel very lucky and blessed. Just don’t talk to me when the goats have escaped, the sow has squashed a piglet or my croissants haven’t risen!