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‘Bishop’ comes from the Greek word for ‘overseer’. So a bishop is a senior Christian minister authorised to have oversight for God’s people. As well as duties given to deacons and priests, bishops confirm and ordain.


Prayer sustains our human relationship with God and may involve words (formal or informal) or be silent. Prayer can involve adoration (‘I love you’), confession (‘sorry’), thanksgiving and supplication (‘please’).

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FOV: there to help whatever you do

The Fellowship of Vocation (FOV) was established some six years ago following discussions between the then Bishop, Bishop Wyn, and Revd Robb Wainwright. Following Robb’s move to Harrogate last year Revd John Bennett has taken on the role of FOV Co-ordinator

John Bennett

The purpose of the FOV is to provide support for those who are thinking about God’s call on their lives. I am sure many of you reading this will have times when you sense God prompting you to venture into something new – this may be something within the church or in the wider community. Vocation is NOT just about the ordained ministry; it is about whatever God may be calling you into. So it could include: working in schools or in care homes, volunteering for a charity, working with the homeless, teaching Sunday School, leading a youth group, providing community lunches, being a church warden or treasurer, a change of career, working with a community support group, helping in a charity shop, setting up a business, becoming a worship leader or reader, setting up a community football team… and yes, ordained ministry.

The FOV provides support in two main ways: through local FOV groups and through an annual conference. There are currently four FOV groups with at least one more to be established soon. Each group, supported by a chaplain, meets every 2-3 months (by Zoom or in person when permitted) to share together and support each other on their journeys. When my late wife, Barbara, was a chaplain there would be worship, a time to share how God was leading, perhaps a bible study and then a time of prayer and of course cake! The annual conference, which will hopefully be 19–21 November 2021, is an opportunity to come together as a fellowship to meet new people who are also on a ‘vocation journey’, to worship, to pray, to listen to God and to have some teaching on vocation and the different routes that people may explore.

An important aspect of the FOV is that it is separate from the work of the vocation advisors; this means there is no element of ‘being assessed’ in FOV, it is a support network. In order to be part of the FOV you need initially to speak to your incumbent and/or local vocation advisor to be referred to me. But please feel free to contact me directly: jsbkbennett@btinternet.com