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Baptism involves declaring faith in God and being washed with water. It means being cleansed from sin, being united to Jesus Christ, receiving his Holy Spirit and becoming God’s children. Sometimes called ‘Christening’.

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Diary of a parson’s wife

There’s a new addition to the Rectory, writes Polly Zipperlen


The Rectory is in a state of alarm at present, mainly due to my propensity for saying “yes” without much thought for detail! As I have previously confessed, I frequently devise schemes that require mammoth effort from Marcus while I supply the creative impetus from an armchair, fuelled by a G&T. I have an enormous capacity for saying yes, whether to the offer of a party, work commitment, a course…, believing that the details will somehow work themselves out!

I have to say, these schemes often prove successful, like the time I agreed to attend a conference in Edinburgh on the same day as a busy clinic. Miraculously, the flights from Cardiff accommodated a late evening arrival in Edinburgh and hey presto, I managed both. So when a friend of a friend had a dog that needed re-homing, well you can guess the outcome.

This was not a completely spontaneous leap of faith, I had been thinking DOG (very loudly) for a few years as my poor deprived children have never had a pet (apart from a gold fish that became so aggressive it had to be released into the Rectory pond). My youngest is also slightly wary of dogs, and what better medicine than a baptism of fire.

Obviously, Marcus being the home-worker had to be on board... to a certain degree. The moment his mouth formed a “Yes”, a fox-terrier was in the boot of my car, tail between his legs and shaking, which was pretty much the same state I found Marcus in when I arrived home.

Neymar Zipperlen

The dog, Neymar, named after a Brazilian footballer infamous for faking foul play, both lives up to true fox-terrier characteristics and his namesake. Stubborn by nature, he refuses to walk in any direction other than that he wills. On one of our first walks together, I found myself anchored by a dog lying obstinately on his back, all four legs pointing sky-ward. Only a tell-tale, half-open eye pointedly directed at me belying this death-stance.

There is however, a bushy tail at the end of this story. Neymar now responds to his name, has learned to sit on command and has proved himself wholly tolerant of a multitude of new experiences, including camping and even climbing Ben Nevis – with only the occasional death-dive. Furthermore, both Marcus and the dog have learnt to limit shaking to walks and mealtimes.