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Prayer sustains our human relationship with God and may involve words (formal or informal) or be silent. Prayer can involve adoration (‘I love you’), confession (‘sorry’), thanksgiving and supplication (‘please’).

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Kirsty Scullion explains the work of the Christian charity which provides homes for veterans

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“Without the support and guidance received from Claire and Alabaré I would not be in my new home and either still homeless or in Veterans Supported Housing. I am so thankful there are charities who offer support to veterans like myself. Thank you very much I really appreciate all the help and support I have been given.“
T-RAF Veteran

Alabaré Christian Care and Support has been providing supported housing for 30 years to people like Terry (below right). Having served in the RAF for 18 years, he had to leave for medical reasons. The first couple of years were challenging although he secured a job and tried to settle into a new life. However, very soon his relationship broke down, he found the new job difficult and struggled with the transition from military to civilian life; he then lost his job and his mental health began to deteriorate. After some time living on the streets he came to Alabaré

Homeless and hungry [Alabare]

Working with ex-armed forces personnel, young people leaving care and those who have become homeless, Alabaré takes people on a journey from homelessness to having a sense of hope and a future. Our drive to support those who are lost and vulnerable ensures that we put in place the best support, addressing all of those barriers that prevent people from feeling valued and valuable. It may be providing care to help the young person develop life skills necessary to retain their own tenancy, dispelling the myths of worthlessness instilled when they were in abusive homes, enabling the entrenched homeless person to address issues of addiction or the army veteran battling with hidden wounds of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Key to our desire to live out the meaning of Alabaré (I will praise) is the opportunity to involve the wider community in our walk and work, so that together we can achieve our vision of a society where everyone has the opportunity to have a fulfilling life. We continue to be true to our Christian roots, driven by a passion for those that are overlooked, neglected or abandoned by society in a non-judgemental way which offers hope and practical care to those who need it most. As we enter a time of Remembrance do not forget those marginalised by society, hidden from the world.

To find out how you can help give hope and a future to people like Terry and the 2000 others Alabaré supports annually - financially, with prayer or with time - please contact me: k.scullion@alabare.co.uk