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St David's Day Message 2021

Let us make Wales the place where no one is left behind

St David’s last words were not aimed at the powerful or the rich, they were aimed at the ordinary people of his community: “Rejoice always, keep the Faith and your faith and do the little things.” Although we pray earnestly that the day for rejoicing will come, unfortunately today is not yet that day. But what we can do today is to give thanks for all those here in Wales who, throughout this pandemic, have in so many different ways, worked hard and risked their own well being to keep us safe and well and our common lives going. On your behalf, on this St Davids day, I say to each one of these: Thank you.

And let all of us, in this difficult time, as St David asks, do the little things. Let us keep the faith of kindness, truthfulness, honesty and justice. St David spent his life nurturing his community. As we gradually come out of Covid, let us work together, wanting for everyone else no more and no less than we want for ourselves. Let us make Wales the place where no one is left behind.