Why encourage churches to work and worship together across denominational divisions?

On the night of the Last Supper Jesus prayed that his disciples might be one. Church.

History has shown how damaging division can be to the mission and ministry of the Christian community.

The Church in Wales is an active member of Cytûn – Churches Together in Wales, and has also been in a Covenant relationship with the Presbyterian, Methodist, United Reformed and Covenanted Baptist Churches in Wales since 1975.

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The Diocesan Ecumenism Team seeks to encourage parishes to act together with other Churches in all matters except where they are prevented by deep differences of conviction. Members of the Team are involved in local branches of Cytûn, and joint acts of worship and mission initiatives.

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Much of its work revolves around Local Ecumenical Projects. But there are criteria laid down that stipulate how, where and with whom these can be embarked upon

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For further information about ecumenism please click on the link to the Ecumenical Handbook or contact the team via the links top left.