The Meaning of the Cross

Easter Message from the Bishop of St Davids, Rt Revd Wyn Evans

A man walks into a jeweller’s shop to buy his wife a present. A silver cross on a chain.The sales assistant asks him: do you want it plain or with a little man on it?

It’s a story that may be well known to followers of the blogosphere. But it makes a serious point.

How can it be that, at this season of Easter, so many people do not know who ‘the little man’ is or what he signifies?

It would be very easy to rail against the ignorance and injustice of it. But we can – we should – do more.

It is the challenge that every Christian must face. It is for us to make it our business to lighten this darkness. And there’s no better time than now.  That is Mission.

Come and see; go and tell. It’s a message I have been giving throughout the past year as I journey around the diocese in the steps of St David.

As Christians, we have come and we have seen. And we have understood the glory of the gospel, of the Kingdom. We have realised that this story is one worthy of the telling.

But how can we expect others to understand our passion, and how can we expect them to understand the glorious legacy of the cross, if we don’t share it?

And we are not alone in this.  Christ is ever with us. And He is always ready to help us through the conversations we have and which we call prayer.

Our diocesan prayer puts it thus:

Make us to be your light, 
make us partners in your mission
reflecting your glory in all our ways.

I cannot think of a better inspiration.  And it behoves us all to play our part in this magnificent calling and help to shed new light on old darkness; breathe new life into the world.

That is the message of Easter and I commend it to you.

With every blessing

+Wyn St Davids