Diocesan Conference: Constitutional Amendment

This Conference Notes:

  1. That the current conference elected membership is based upon the current deanery and benefice system e.g. 1 lay representative per benefice plus additional members per 75 average Sunday attenders and two additional representatives per deanery
  1. That the formation of Local Ministry Areas (LMAs) as both United Benefices and Deaneries seeks to merge the roles of the Deanery Conference and the PCC (to be known in future as the Local Ministry Area Council)
  1. That the representation of laity across the Diocese will need to be altered in order to accommodate the creation of LMAs.
  1. That the Standing Orders Template relating to the governance of LMAs will need to be incorporated into the Diocesan Conference Constitution.

This Conference Resolves:

  1. To amend the Diocesan Conference Membership relating to the House of Laity so that each LMA shall have the following representation:
  • 4 lay representatives elected by the LMA
  • The LMA Lay Chair
  • 1 Reader per LMA (replaced with an additional worship leader if there is no Reader)
  • 1 Worship Leader per LMA
  • 1 young person (who has to be over 16 and under 25) per LMA
  1. That the Cathedral LMA shall be treated differently, due to its size and that its representation for the House of Laity shall be:
  • 2 (or 3) Lay representatives
  • The LMA Lay Chair
  • A lay minister (Reader or worship leader) or in their absence another Lay representative (as above)
  • 1 young person (who has to be over 16 and under 25) per LMA
  1. That in order to ensure better lay representation on the Diocesan Conference Standing Committee, there shall be an additional lay elected member per archdeaconry.
  1. That the Draft Standing Orders Template for LMAs be incorporated into the Diocesan Conference Constitution and replace the section relating to Deanery Conferences.
  1. To instruct the Joint Secretaries to amend the Diocesan Conference Constitution appropriately.
  1. That the amended Constitution be uploaded to the Diocesan Website prior to the Diocesan Conference Election in 2020.

That the amended Constitution come into effect from 31st January 2020