Cursillo St Davids

The members of Cursillo St Davids are a mix of laity and clergy from across the diocese, who work collaboratively and who share their gifts for the good of all

The unique thing that Cursillo offers is ongoing support structures by means of small, regular group reunions which provide shared support and maintain mutual accountability.

There are also occasional larger gatherings for all the small groups to meet for fellowship and encouragement. God never meant us to be alone. People are called to be a company of disciples not isolated individuals and Cursillo provides a way for that to happen.

In all that we do, it is the grace of God in Christ which sustains, inspires and nourishes us. Cursillo is also a network of friends who are always there for one another, and a model of what church and Christian life should be like.


These are residential and normally take place on an annual basis in our diocese. Those attending follow a concentrated programme of talks, discussion, meditation and worship on a variety of themes which include:- Ideals; Grace: Prayer; Study; Action; Sacraments; Christian Community & Environment.

Cursillo weekends provide what are, for many, life-changing experiences through which God inspires, renews and challenges us. We, the team, support the pilgrims on their spiritual journey as they encounter a safe and loving environment to explore their own Christian faith.

You do not have to have completed the weekend to experience an Ultreya, which offers the opportunity for those who have completed a Cursillo weekend, to involve themselves in the follow up programme of support, fellowship & encouragement.

The Four Pleases which eases.

1. Please remember to bring something for a shared lunch.

2. Please remember ‘Bring & Buy’ at each venue.

3. Please email Glenys Altman for directions if not sure of venue location. Or call her on 01267241957 / 07774855447

4. Please try to travel with other Cursillistas to save expenses.

2019 diary dates

Saturday Feb 9th  St Johns Carmarthen. SA31 1LY
Saturday March 9th Aberaeron Church Hall SA46 0AY
Saturday May 11th  St Catherine’s Gorseinon SA4 4US
Thursday-Sunday June 20th-23rd Weekend in Llangasty. LD3 7PX
Saturday June 29th Welcome Home. Carew Hall SA70 8SL
Saturday Sept 21st Kidwelly Hall SA17 4UD
Saturday Oct 19th St Johns Carmarthen SA31 1LY
Saturday Nov 9th St Mary’s Cardigan SA43 1DH

Cursillo St Davids is in the process of “gifting” Cursillo to Swansea & Brecon diocese. This will take several years to achieve in full and meanwhile we are charged by both Bishops to support them.


What Cursillo calls the Fourth Day is a method of ongoing support, fellowship and encouragement, provided by meeting regularly in small local groups and sharing with each other based on the principles of Prayer, Study & Action about what is happening in our lives. These meeting are not long – no more than an hour – and are conducted with confidentiality.

As listed above throughout the year there are larger meetings held across the Diocese called Ultreyas. These meetings incorporate the small local groups and usually involve social fellowship as well as a shared lunch finishing around mid- afternoon.

There is no compulsion to attend all or any of the meetings, it is just an opportunity to enjoy Christian Fellowship. There is no membership criteria required to join these groups, most though not all those attending will probably have attended a Cursillo residential weekend, but all that is required is a desire to share Christian Fellowship with others.