Creation & Recreation – the box set

Creation and Recreation is an exhibition by Revd Diana Hoare on display in St Davids Cathedral until the end of June. Seven panels explore and celebrate the various aspects of the creation of complex life which exists all around us and provides us with our life support systems.

They explore landscapes, plant life and animal life. They depict the transformation from the darkness of the absence of God, through the choice of standing turned away from the glory, to the dance of the mystical union of matter and spirit in the Oneness of all being.

They offer a vision which encourages us to see the Creation of our environment as the miraculous sacred thing that it is.This journey of spiritual exploration can inspire in us the spiritual fruits which we need to have the wisdom and courage to take decisions to preserve the future of the environment of our planet for generations to come.

The collection in full:

1 The stillness at the heart of the dance of the Cosmos

2 Deep peace: the landscapes of our Earth

3 The Light of the Divine

4 Earth comes to Heaven as Heaven comes to Earth

5 The divine is in everything and everything is divine

6 The oneness of all being

7 The presence of the Divine